Since its founding, Meridien has made a name for itself in the shipbuilding industry. Meridien is the ideal choice for your shipbuilding projects; from scientific vessels to fishing vessels, and even specialized construction work adapted to your specific requirements. 

Meridien also offers planning and design services for the manufacture of deck machinery, such as winches, net drums and other specific apparel for fishing vessels, and others types of vessels.



Our modular construction practices allow us juggle many different and varied projects on the same site, using the same equipment. 

With digital imagery and 3D printing, we are able to make small-scale models of our projects before beginning construction. This provides us with an opportunity to eliminate practically all mistakes resulting from imprecisions in plans and specifications, and to avoid the annoyances and costs related with rework cycles during construction.

Our workshops at the centre of Matane’s industrial-port area and close to the St. Lawrence River provide us with an almost limitless transshipping capacity. From planning and design to installation, we adapt our services to maximize your performance and your investment.